John Twelve Hawks Chat Log (24th May 2009)

Below is the log from the chat with John Twelve Hawks on 24th May 2009. If you notice any formatting errors please let me know in the comments below.

Also, feedback in the comments will be greatly received – would be good to know if people like this sort of thing, good points, bad points etc.

Ok, here it is:

8:58 PM kiakanpa: ok – we will be starting soon – john will be with us in around 3 min
8:58 PM Wave: excuse me, just read the news lol
8:58 PM kiakanpa: so, welcome to the chat, and for many of you, to
8:58 PM Wave: all the scandinavian language are odd to me
8:59 PM Wave:
8:59 PM elina: well, then finish will sweep you off your feet
8:59 PM Harmony: thanks, kiakanpa!
8:59 PM kiakanpa: many of you will know me from kiasworld – but i see we have many new people here today
8:59 PM kiakanpa: so, a quick intro
9:00 PM elina: shoot!
9:00 PM Delta62Thorn: *bang*
9:00 PM kiakanpa: i am Kia – and i worked on kiasworld for almost a year – before me and john set up
9:01 PM kiakanpa: as i am sure you can see, there is still much work still to be done on the site – so if you are interested in helping us out – please let me know, either here or in the wespeakforfreedom forum
9:02 PM tara: i make that 9 London time. How’s it looking?
9:02 PM kiakanpa: but we can talk more about wespeakforfreedom at the end of the chat – if people are interested.
9:02 PM TonyC: I’m Tony and I have been a fan of John and Kia’s work/sites for a while.
9:02 PM kiakanpa: John is joining us now – and will be staying with us for around 40 minutes
9:02 PM John12Hawks: Hello, everyone. And thank you, Kia for organizing this today. Half familiar names. Half new. Welcome to all of you.
9:02 PM Wave: hi john
9:02 PM kiakanpa: thanks john – and welcome
9:03 PM John12Hawks: Wespeakforfreedom is a political site, but…
9:03 PM PES: Hello John
9:03 PM TonyC: Welcome John.
9:03 PM Polaris: Hey John
9:03 PM Delta62Thorn: Hello!!!
9:03 PM elina: hi
9:03 PM Harmony: hi, John
9:03 PM John12Hawks: Today is for everyone. Pretty much open questions.
9:03 PM Delta62Thorn: @Kia:Do you realize that your chatroll profile has you as a 24 year old woman?
9:03 PM John12Hawks: I am, indeed, a 24 year old woman.
9:04 PM John12Hawks: News:The Golden City is coming out in September.
9:04 PM kiakanpa: @delta – lol – i should send you the photos – you should see me at the weekend
9:04 PM Delta62Thorn: September?
9:04 PM John12Hawks: September. And wespeakforfreedom will be
9:04 PM Delta62Thorn: I thought it was slated for Summer 2009?
9:04 PM John12Hawks: active in the next month or so.
9:04 PM John12Hawks: September 8th in USA.
9:04 PM Delta62Thorn: No bother…I have it reserved at Borders already
9:05 PM John12Hawks: The UK publisher has not given a date…because of Dan Brown’s book.
9:05 PM John12Hawks: lol
9:05 PM John12Hawks: So does anyone have a question.
9:05 PM tara: doesn’t want to ruin Dan’s day?
9:05 PM Harmony: ok- what would you like to see We speak for Freedom” achieve/manifest?”
9:06 PM John12Hawks: Kia and I have always seen the site as…
9:06 PM TonyC: I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we’re all looking forward to its release.
9:06 PM John12Hawks: A way to bring people together and…
9:06 PM John12Hawks: And way to organize future activity.
9:06 PM Wave: I have a question… i read on the website about meeting in UK and USA, and that for German there is another channel… well i live in german and i am interested
9:06 PM John12Hawks: Kia will be a clearing house for that.
9:06 PM tara: do you believe you are currently under surveillance from the very powers you describe?
9:07 PM John12Hawks: In general, yes.
9:07 PM John12Hawks: But not specifically.
9:07 PM John12Hawks: Because I conceal myself very well.
9:07 PM tara: not specifically targeted because of the book you write?
9:07 PM Delta62Thorn: May I propose a plan to create specific stickers? I am going to college come this fall and I am quite sure that campus is void of stickers (I still have some ‘Had Enough?’ stickers).
9:07 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Tara: when the movie comes out…
9:07 PM Delta62Thorn: *w00t*
9:07 PM John12Hawks: There will be a lot my scrutiny
9:08 PM John12Hawks: And attacks on me personally.
9:08 PM John12Hawks: Right now, I’m under the wire.
9:08 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Delta. There is going to be a new sticker contest.
9:08 PM John12Hawks: Stickers will be sent out both in Europe and USA.
9:08 PM jarganscott: Movie, huh? Is it going to be comprehensive, or a trilogy kinda thing or what?
9:09 PM John12Hawks: The best sticker placement — shown in a photo — will get signed copies of THE GOLDEN CITY.
9:09 PM Delta62Thorn: When the perverbial bullets start flying I think you’ve many people, I believe, who’d gladly stand behind you…and even in front of you.
9:09 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Delta. We shall see.
9:09 PM tara: do you think they will try to expose your identity?
9:09 PM susie: can i enter?
9:09 PM Delta62Thorn: Depends…do you have a dollar?
9:10 PM John12Hawks: Answer for jarganscott:The movie is not confirmed. I should know by September if it looks real” or not.”
9:10 PM kiakanpa: i will publish all the sticker details in a short while – for those interested in the new competition
9:10 PM jarganscott: mhmm
9:10 PM PES: Have you written other books under an alias, will the movie be like ‘golden compass’.
9:10 PM John12Hawks: The movie will have a budget of 100 to 120 million US dollars. It is a major decision.
9:11 PM Wave: it is possible to do also patches? i would like to put one on my brazilian jiu-jitsu gi
9:11 PM elina: question:you seem to know a lot about martial arts.. is there any special direction you’d recommend?
9:11 PM John12Hawks: Answer for PES. I hope it will be better the Golden Compass. Not a good film. LOL.
9:11 PM Delta62Thorn: I would run off stickers out of my pocket but (as a soon-to-be poor college student) my pockets aren’t even 100 USD deep.
9:11 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Elina, I started with standard karate
9:11 PM John12Hawks: and judo.
9:11 PM PES: Agree, one I read the books
9:12 PM John12Hawks: Now, because of leg problems, I use an Israeli form of martial arts.
9:12 PM tara: surely tibetan prayer ribbons are more appropriate than stickers
9:12 PM Delta62Thorn: But stickers are so much fun!!! THEY’RE STICKY!!!!!!!!
9:12 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Tara. You can use ribbons or stickers. Whatever you do is okay with me….
9:12 PM jarganscott: Book to movie conversions aren’t always the best. I just hope it does them justice.
9:13 PM Delta62Thorn: It wont. I have faith in the big screen companies killing something.
9:13 PM John12Hawks: Answer for jarganscott:the movie business is a place
9:13 PM John12Hawks: Where people EXPECT lying. Quite incredible.
9:13 PM Delta62Thorn:
9:14 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Jaganscott:an advance I have in the movie business is that I don’t want to meet movie stars. They still don’t believe that.
9:14 PM jarganscott: I’m sure it’s hard to spend time with people like that.
9:14 PM Wave: i have experienced working with politics and i think i can understand what you mean about expect lying””
9:14 PM John12Hawks: Exactly, wave.
9:14 PM Delta62Thorn: *wave*
9:14 PM tara: once this door is open (by the movie) and enters mainstream consciousness, the cat is out of the bag, no matter how poor the transition…
9:14 PM Harmony: just a bunch of corporaticians/policrats..
9:15 PM jarganscott: what bag!
9:15 PM John12Hawks: So, in general, the attention paid to the book, my life and this site will become MUCH stronger when the movie comes out.
9:15 PM elina: do you think you’ll be able to stay off the grid even then?
9:15 PM Wave: i am fucked, everyboy will think that i get my tattoo from the movie lol
9:15 PM jarganscott: Well that’s only natural. Couldn’t happen to a better author.
9:15 PM John12Hawks: I will be in Nepal/Tibet when the film comes out.
9:15 PM jarganscott: But I might have to pretend I don’t like you if you get too popular.
9:16 PM John12Hawks: Which is what happened with the books.
9:16 PM John12Hawks: I was in Rome/Ethiopia when the traveler was published.
9:16 PM Shellbay: Thomas Pynchon is also noted for protecting his privacy. If you know his work, has it influenced yours?
9:16 PM John12Hawks: I was in Rome/Ethiopia when the Traveler was published.
9:16 PM tara: if they do manage to expose you are you do you fear the message will be compromised?
9:16 PM elina: cool .- since you travel so much; any favourite places/countries you think I should see?
9:17 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Tara:I have discussed this with kia.
9:17 PM John12Hawks: I have a past which is political and Buddhist.
9:17 PM John12Hawks: I have been involved in political issues.
9:17 PM John12Hawks: People want to put a tag on you.
9:18 PM John12Hawks: So they don’t have to discuss the IDEAS.
9:18 PM TonyC: Question … What can you tell us about The Golden City?
9:18 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Elina:I love Ethiopia, Rome, Japan.
9:18 PM John12Hawks: Hi, Tony.
9:18 PM elina: thanks
9:18 PM John12Hawks: What do you want to know???
9:18 PM Alluscion: Hello, and thank you for allowing us this opprotunity to speak with you.Question:What sparked the birth of The Traveller? Was it something you had always intended on creating? Or had it just come out of the blue?
9:19 PM TonyC: Hi John, Hope your well?
9:19 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Alluscion. The three books are very personal. Very autobiographical.
9:19 PM John12Hawks: But what happened was this…
9:19 PM Wave: for sure the original message will be lost in the way fromthe books to movie to normal people… i think the people involved in the site and everything else will have a hard time to defend the original meaning
9:19 PM John12Hawks: Seven years ago, I had a severe crisis in my life and,..
9:19 PM John12Hawks: Had a vision of the alternative world.
9:20 PM John12Hawks: So I locked myself up in room for a year and wrote the books.
9:20 PM John12Hawks: It pretty much ended my old” life.”
9:20 PM John12Hawks: Wrote the book — the traveler.
9:21 PM John12Hawks: Answer for wave:People can approach the books any way they wish. It’s their choice.
9:21 PM Shellbay: Hello, I’m new to the site. Question …
9:22 PM John12Hawks: Go ahead
9:22 PM Shellbay: Any particular literary influences?
9:22 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Shellbay:Orwell (for politics)
9:22 PM John12Hawks: I have basically read everything — but not in the classroom.
9:23 PM John12Hawks: I see GREAT film on the same level as GREAT fiction.
9:23 PM elina: how some you chose to publish the book under the namne john twelve hawks?
9:23 PM Alluscion: It is amazing the light that can be birthed from the severity of darkness. Your sharing of this has great and subtle influence on those I know who have read your books, and I think it is one of the great cogs in the giant wheel we all need to be turning. Thank you again. I am grealty awwaiting the latest book.
9:23 PM Wave: do you think to write some other book or stories related to the fourth real trilogy? like prequel or stories from harlequins of the past…
9:23 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Elena:a great deal of nonsense has been written about my name…
9:24 PM John12Hawks: The real story is this…
9:24 PM John12Hawks: I was walking through a forest…
9:24 PM John12Hawks: Encountered a hawk nesting area…
9:24 PM John12Hawks: And 12 hawks circled around my head for about ten minutes….
9:24 PM John12Hawks: So close that the tip of their wings bushed the side of my head.
9:24 PM John12Hawks: That was why I picked the named. REAL hawks. Not symbolic one.
9:25 PM elina: well, that’s quite a story
9:25 PM jarganscott: Indeed.
9:25 PM Delta62Thorn: I’m just glad they didn’t eat you. Would have totally ruined my literary life.
9:25 PM John12Hawks: The book was accepted to be published…
9:25 PM Polaris: Hey John, how are you!? have you got plans for further books?
9:25 PM tara: what about maya? is that from buddhist teaching or the mayan peoples?
9:25 PM John12Hawks: It seemed WRONG to talk about the attack on freedom and privacy while I was hanging out on some TV talk show.
9:26 PM John12Hawks: The phrase is the USA is:if you want to talk the talk, you should walk the walk.
9:26 PM John12Hawks: In other words, you should try to live a life that
9:26 PM John12Hawks: Justifies the ideas you write about.
9:26 PM Delta62Thorn: POLARIS!!!!!!!! *hug* Long time no see!!! Like many many many months!!! How are you?
9:26 PM elina: That’s respectable.
9:27 PM jarganscott: In other words hypocrites are not cool.
9:27 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Polaris. Right now, I’m tired, but…
9:27 PM Harmony: John12Hawks, exactly (walk the walk)
9:27 PM John12Hawks: I have two active projects that I am considering.
9:27 PM John12Hawks: Both are SHORT. Not a trilogy!!!
9:27 PM Polaris: awesome Looking forward to them
9:28 PM Polaris: Hey Delta
9:28 PM Delta62Thorn: Ditto
9:28 PM Delta62Thorn: Hey
9:28 PM John12Hawks: Easy, Delta…
9:28 PM John12Hawks: A question…
9:29 PM John12Hawks: Go ahead. Don’t be shy…
9:29 PM Delta62Thorn: Easy Delta…” Hmm… I promise I wont bite!”
9:29 PM joyce24h: Hello Dear,I saw your profile today and i stopped to take a very good look at it. I want you to know that i will be intrested to know you better because you sounded very sweet in your profile and i will like us to become friends and know eachother the more.Here is my email address ( send me an email today please!Yours forever,I am waiting for your reply nowGod Bless youJoyce.
9:29 PM John12Hawks: Good to hear from you, Joyce.
9:29 PM kiakanpa: hmmm… that may be spam
9:29 PM jarganscott: haha
9:29 PM jarganscott: yes
9:29 PM Wave: lol
9:29 PM John12Hawks: I accept everyone as they are.
9:29 PM tara: did you get the name maya from one of buddhas temptations or the mayan peoples?
9:29 PM John12Hawks: Hope they will do that for me.
9:30 PM TonyC: She sounds like a lovely lady, dear!
9:30 PM John12Hawks: Maya took the name to bug her father.
9:30 PM Delta62Thorn: John, to be honest, I don’t have a question for you – I’m a tad pre-occupied with trying to write this Ethnographic Specialization Research Paper on Tibetan Buddhists…
9:30 PM John12Hawks: Do you understand why, Tara??
9:30 PM tara: no!
9:30 PM John12Hawks: Maya as illusion — not being real.
9:30 PM tara: but i can work on it!
9:31 PM tara: buddhas teachings then…
9:31 PM John12Hawks: Correct.
9:31 PM John12Hawks: Listen, there is an idea that I will announce here
9:31 PM John12Hawks: For the first time.
9:32 PM John12Hawks: There will be a formal announcement on johntwelvehawks
9:32 PM John12Hawks: It is the following…
9:32 PM John12Hawks: When THE GOLDEN CITY comes out…
9:32 PM John12Hawks: Anyone who wants, can be the author…
9:32 PM John12Hawks: What I want is John Twelve Hawks all over the world
9:32 PM Harmony:
9:32 PM John12Hawks: Doing a live time web cam event at their local book store…
9:33 PM tara: i’m game!
9:33 PM John12Hawks: I hope it will be fun and…
9:33 PM Polaris: hahah that would be awesome
9:33 PM John12Hawks: It shows that ANYONE can be the author…
9:33 PM Delta62Thorn: I hate to shoot holes in the bucket but wont that amount to mass fraud?
9:33 PM John12Hawks: That we have to get past the whole celebrity nonsense.
9:33 PM Harmony: the authors of our own freedom, way of life… musing, here
9:33 PM John12Hawks: Correct, Harmony.
9:33 PM elina: haha it’s a great idea
9:33 PM John12Hawks: More details will be coming…
9:33 PM Wave: impressive
9:34 PM Sharonna: good thinking as always
9:34 PM tara: well we are all part of the same subconscious pool…
9:34 PM John12Hawks: But — the point is — if you have ever wanted to stand up in your local bookstore and be an author…
9:34 PM John12Hawks: This is your chance.
9:34 PM Delta62Thorn: Sounds cool…just still screams fraud at me…
9:34 PM John12Hawks: Correct, tara.
9:34 PM John12Hawks: I want to be at your reading, Delta.
9:34 PM John12Hawks: With a purple bunny.
9:35 PM John12Hawks: Question….???
9:35 PM Delta62Thorn: Great. I’ll get through into jail for fraud…but I’ll know who the real J12H is…
9:35 PM elina: question:you claim you’ve had several out-of-body experiences.. I’ve always had trouble imagining such things being real.. so; it’s not possible you just imagined the whole thing? (no disrespect)
9:35 PM Wave: john it’s been easy for you to become such detached from vanity”? i think also about the episode in the metro with the first danish release…”
9:35 PM Polaris: would the real J12H please stand up
9:36 PM Harmony: you mention getting past/out of the whole celebrity trap.. I’d really like to take the inspiration behind your books and see it manifest as freedom and saying byebye to the police state
9:36 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Elina:if it is real or not, is not important.
9:36 PM elina: I see
9:36 PM Delta62Thorn: With my luck everyone would have a purple bunny and I still wouldn’t know.
9:36 PM John12Hawks: The issue is:how is it going to change your life!!
9:36 PM Delta62Thorn: I’ll be in jail for fraud?
9:36 PM Alluscion: are there any artists/authors/musicians that you feel are either parallel to the path you strive for, or inspire you personally?
9:36 PM Delta62Thorn: I wont do well in jail…
9:36 PM John12Hawks: What is important is how we ACT toward each other,
9:36 PM John12Hawks: not how we get there.
9:37 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Alluscion. Music is really important to me
9:37 PM John12Hawks: And I listen to everyone from Back to Radiohead.
9:37 PM elina: do you think you’re a better person since you wrote the books then?
9:37 PM John12Hawks: Bach.
9:37 PM Delta62Thorn: Liquid Soul?
9:37 PM kiakanpa: i think john is only with us for another 2 min or so – so we shall be wrapping things up shortly
9:37 PM Delta62Thorn: (jazz group)
9:37 PM John12Hawks: Answer for Elina. Not a better person. But there is less clutter in my life.
9:38 PM elina:
9:38 PM John12Hawks: Kia, let’s give it the full hour…
9:38 PM John12Hawks: If okay with you…
9:38 PM kiakanpa: ok – np
9:38 PM Delta62Thorn: I don’t know…sounds like Kia is trying to get rid of you
9:38 PM John12Hawks: Anyone else…
9:38 PM Delta62Thorn: Ever listen to Liquid Soul?
9:38 PM John12Hawks: Definitely.
9:38 PM PES: Will Newspeak win
9:38 PM Delta62Thorn: Neeto
9:38 PM Sharonna: Hope you are safe as always
9:39 PM John12Hawks: Answer for PES:No it will not win.
9:39 PM kiakanpa: lol – thanks d
9:39 PM John12Hawks: I feel that strongly.
9:39 PM Wave: stupid question – does my tattoo deserve a signed copy of one of your books?
9:39 PM Wave: lol, joking
9:39 PM Delta62Thorn: lolz no problem kiakins
9:39 PM PES: Only if we spin back
9:39 PM John12Hawks: But all of us — even a small group — are like the white blood cells — the antibodies…
9:39 PM John12Hawks: In the world.
9:39 PM John12Hawks: We keep the crap from taking over.
9:40 PM jarganscott: Well I’d like to stay and I’m sorry I haven’t been participating more, but I’m balancing checking this out and being hard at work” and I need to go.”
9:40 PM savvyjd: I must say that I am surprise to be only one of 17 people in this chat (even though I am just lurking).
9:40 PM John12Hawks: Answer to wave:send a photo to kia and I’ll send you a book.
9:40 PM jarganscott: You won’t miss me but I had a good time.
9:40 PM John12Hawks: Bye, jagan…
9:40 PM Wave: ehm john i already sent the pic to kia
9:40 PM Wave: O
9:40 PM Delta62Thorn: Yeah and our governments are an acquired immune deficiency virus…
9:40 PM kiakanpa: john – i shall forward you the photo
9:40 PM John12Hawks: It’s okay, savvyjd
9:41 PM kiakanpa: wave – email me your address
9:41 PM Delta62Thorn: Lurkers WELCOME!!!
9:41 PM John12Hawks: I have never carried about numbers.
9:41 PM tara: do you think you will be part of a movement that leads to a greater enlightenment and ultimatley a higher evolved collective?
9:41 PM John12Hawks: Another announcement…
9:41 PM Harmony: the lowest common denominator level of thinking (our madministrations)
9:41 PM John12Hawks: THE GOLDEN CITY is going to be dedicated to you, the readers.
9:41 PM John12Hawks: You have kept me going for the last six years.
9:41 PM Wave: kia:right at the end of the chat… THX JOHN
9:41 PM Sharonna: thanks for telling me when it comes out
9:42 PM Delta62Thorn: Awesome
9:42 PM Delta62Thorn:
9:42 PM Polaris: Thanks John! you rule!
9:42 PM Harmony: for my part, thank you John!
9:42 PM PES: Thanks, John, your books will move us forward, cheers
9:42 PM Wave: as i wrote on your site, your books come to me in a very significant moment… so i thank you
9:42 PM John12Hawks: Thanks to everyone. If anyone on the list, didn’t ask a question…ask it now!!
9:43 PM John12Hawks: Okay. Wonderful to talk to all of you. I hand it back to kia.
9:43 PM Alluscion: Thank you
9:43 PM Harmony: thanks so much, John!
9:43 PM susie: hes just disappeared back in a sec
9:43 PM tara: you’ve helped along the way too you know!
9:43 PM elina: it’s been an honour
9:43 PM TonyC: John – What are your plans for the next few months? Are well earned rest?
9:43 PM TonyC: A
9:43 PM John12Hawks: Answer to Tony:going to Europe and then Asia.
9:43 PM Wave: i have one last question…
9:43 PM John12Hawks: Okay.
9:44 PM John12Hawks: Go ahead, wave.
9:44 PM Delta62Thorn: *wave*
9:44 PM Wave: does the movie have some big actor/actress or pretty anonymous like i would hop?
9:44 PM Wave: hope*
9:44 PM Delta62Thorn: Hop sounded better…
9:44 PM John12Hawks: No one yet. I announce on the website.
9:44 PM Wave: i don’t need the names
9:44 PM John12Hawks: Bye.
9:44 PM savvyjd: ciao
9:44 PM Wave: ah ok
9:44 PM kiakanpa: ok thanks john
9:44 PM Delta62Thorn: Santih.
9:44 PM elina: bye!
9:44 PM Wave: bye john
9:44 PM Alluscion: Good bye
9:45 PM Delta62Thorn: Goodbye
9:45 PM tara: thanks john
9:45 PM Wave: it’s been an honour
9:45 PM TonyC: Thanks John.
9:45 PM Polaris: Bye have a great night
9:45 PM kiakanpa: thanks again for your time
9:45 PM Delta62Thorn: *group hug*
9:45 PM savvyjd: haha
9:45 PM Harmony: be well.. survival backpacks are great
9:45 PM tara: well played team!

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