43.1792, -71.7640

This quite town I’m in sees a computer as a technological marvel and dial-up is pretty standard, though some places do have wi-fi. It is nice to know that there are places still where the Vast Machine hasn’t destroyed or tainted entirely. But then people unfold their newspapers or unfold their tongues and the air about them becoems tainted with thoughts and worries created by the media, by the Vast Machine. This is why I sit here writing this, as a lesson to all who read it, no place is safe and no place is truly off the grid. The Vast Machine had no idea I was here, until I switched on my computer and activated my Virizon Wireless PCCard. In an instant I had dial-up speed Broadband Access to the internet, and the Vast Machine knew I was at 43.1792, -71.7640 and of course…now you know it too.

This is not a kind of world I look forward to living in, one where a mess of computers know my exact longitude and latitude and anyone, with any intentions can, technically, access this information. How secure does Virizon Wireless keep such information as my exact GPS location? Beyond that what about US Cellular (my cell phone company, a cell phone that has been on since we got here)? It is an unfortunate part of todays world that a place that should be so untouched by technology is, in fact, just another stop on my virtual passport.

I could have left my phone at home. I could have left this bloody Virizon Wireles Broadband Access PCCard at home too. But I didn’t, because my “modernized” live requires me to have my cell phone and my laptop to stay connected with those people I know who don’t seem to mind Big Brother’s watchful eye. There are steps I could take the problem is I don’t. Why is this? Am I some kind of failure as a member of WSFF? How could I possibly be doing my duty against the Vast Machine if I make myself a part of it everytime I switch on any of my “hi-tech” gaggets? I guess the best I can do right now is post this article and sign it by saying: Resist The Vast Machine.

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