Off The Grid Myths and Facts

This article will focus on a few myths and facts in regards to living OTG. I mean, just Googling “living off grid” will get you some odd results, many of which are nonsense. So, this article will not go into strict detail on OTG living, but it is still important nevertheless. Here's how this will work: the bold sections are statements about living OTG. The standard type beneath it is the truth of the matter. If you have questions, asks them in the comments below.

I have to fake my death to move off the Grid.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they decide to move off the Grid is to fake their own death. Do not, under any circumstance, fake your own death to disappear. If you need to disappear, just shed your identity like an old jacket.

The problem with changing identities is that your new “self” is not guaranteed to be permanent. Even if you move all the way across the world, there is a chance that someone you know will appear and recognize you.

If you live off the Grid, you can't have electricity, plumbing, television, etc.

This may or may not be true. It really depends entirely on your preference. Going off Grid doesn't mean becoming Amish or forsaking technology. Outside of cities, you can set up your own plumbing over an aquifer/well (not really easy, but doable). There are also several ways to generate your own power, which I will explain in a later article. As far as television and Internet go, well, you may be able to set that up if you live partially “on the Grid.” Which leads to the next myth:

You either live On or Off the Grid, there is no in-between.

That is absolutely false. There are varying degrees of being On and Off the Grid. Personally, I am partially On the Grid. You have to be a bit more careful, but life is admittedly more comfortable. By being partially on the Grid, it is easier for me to access the Internet and satellite television (though I really don't watch much).

There are people who choose to live totally off the Grid (I have done so before), or just on the cusp, going back “on” for certain situations. Being totally on, off, or between the Grid is up to you and what you are capable of doing at this stage.

It is expensive and difficult when you first go off the Grid.

I have to say that this one is true, especially if you are going totally off the Grid (shedding all traceable identity an such). You will have to find and probably purchase land and a domicile to live in, as well as basic supplies for gardening and the like (if you don't want to fund the Big Brother). You may also need tools and equipment to build some kind of generator for power, pumps and pipes for plumbing, etc.

When getting things to go off the Grid, always use cash. Credit/debit cards not only leave a trail that a toddler could follow, but it could also lead to unnecessary debt, and you never know when you'll need to “rejoin” the Grid.

I will be alone on the Grid.

Not true. There are people who are willing to help. You just have to know how to find them (I'll help with that too).

That covers the five biggest myths. It's also a kind of preview to the kinds of things I'll be writing about. I'll have info on disguises and identity shifts, as well as literal living techniques like gardening and handywork and such.

Hope this was helpful!


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