‘Spear Phishing’ – new, targeted phishing attacks?

Interesting BBC article.

The targeted attack used by hackers to compromise e-mail accounts of top US officials is reaching ‘epidemic’ proportions, say security experts.


The scam, known as spear phishing, was used in a bid to get passwords of Gmail accounts so they could be monitored.


Via a small number of customised messages it tries to trick people into visiting a web page that looks genuine so users type in login names.


Such attacks are often aimed at top officials or chief executives.



2 thoughts on “‘Spear Phishing’ – new, targeted phishing attacks?”

  1. The BBC has got some good stuff going at the moment. In case you haven’t heard about it, they are holding a Privacy Commission next week on Radio 4. I’ll get some links. It really is worth EVERY member of WSFF having a look at this (if it can be accessed from outside the UK!).

    Here we go for the pm blog:


  2. Today my husband reiceved a similar fake AT&T bill, but it was for a home phone and internet in the amount of $307. The bill really looked like the real bill. What tipped us off that it was fake was the fact that AT&T isn’t our ISP, we don’t use my husband’s work email address for any bills, and our AT&T bill is only $28.

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