How I feel on privacy and computers

We all know how conveinent that Android Ipod touch or Iphone you have is. It can help you get into your car if you lock the keys in. Pay for bills and do banking on the go. Activate your home secuirty. Hell, it does so much you could easily forget that it’s a cell phone.

However, the conveince comes at a cost, the device’s GPS data is saved in your phone company’s database and stored up to a year. Now this being wespeakforfreedom, and me being one against the injustices of the vast machine, I strongly disagree with it.

Many of you already know that all your emails, internet acess, text messages, phone calls, and other forms of communication are tracked, monitored and recorded. I disaprove, why does anyone need to know who you call text send pictures to? Why does anyone care what websites I’m on? They say it’s for “security purposes” but is it really?

There are millions of phone calls made every day and just as many texts in a single hour. How can any system determine what is safe for me to say and what is not safe to say? If it’s not safe to be said then I shouldn’t know it. If there are things I shouldn’t seach on the internet it shouldn’t be there.

We all know that the virtual prison described in JXIIH’s novels is very likely to happen and everyday with each new Ipad Iphone, Ipod, Android, and any other tablet, smartphone, or advanced device the walls get put up higher. Each new computer bars the windows, each new security camera adds another gaurd, each peice of data we input closes the door and locks it tighter.

We need to have more people realized this, we need to put those who are doing the injustices and crimes behind the bars of the virtual prison, not the Average Joe or Jane who works everday, pays taxes, and does what is expected of them.

We also need to stop letting computers do our job. Why is a robotic arm making the car I drive while I see dozens of homeless and jobless people on my way to work/school everyday?

Is it right that I spend my money online to get products at a store where I can help keep someone’s job?

Is it really better to have a machine do the work a human can do just so we can have cheaper products and services?

I don’t think so.

At the rate we produce technology to replace human workers, we may not have jobs to work. How will we make money?

The only positions we cannot fulfill with computers or machinces are politicians. Again we need to make a stand.

The things I speak of  will be a reality before we know it. Unfortunately, many people that are reading this right now will live to see this day if we do not start demanding change today.

I don’t want future generations to be part of a world where they are tracked the same way our cars phones and computers are tracked.

Please do not ignore my message, write to a politician, walk up to a mayor, call your senator.

The changes can be made but only if we demand the changes today. Please do not wait to act because time is something we may not have a lot of.

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  1. In the Bible its called the mark of the beast…666…Revelation 13 v 16.. You can’t stop it…you can prepare for it.

  2. John twelve Hawks I enjoyed reading your book the traveler and Dark River. Thank you for your original stories

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