False identities/different persona’s/alternate aliases

I am going to give some tips and ideas for a 3 identity life. Some of these ideas and tips are already out there but I’m putting all my thoughts and knowledge gathered into one spot.

First I am saying 3 identities because it’s easy to manage all aspects of it without getting yourself lost or confused.

Here are some primary tips to remember:

  1. Never use someone else’s real identity. That causes too many problems and can draw unwanted attention towards you
  2. No matter how many pieces of fake identification you have keep one piece of legitimate and true form of identification that government officials will accept. I’d highly recommend your drivers license or passport if you have one
  3. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Your less likely to get caught using a fake identity if you don’t stand out while your using the fake identity
  4. Keep everything simple and organized. This is essentially 3 different versions of you, not 3 totally different people who are completely unlike each other
  5. The larger population you live within, the less likely someone can connect the dots that all identities are you.
  6. It’s hard to create a new you where your known by a lot of people in an area. Try relocating before you start making identities.
  7. Try leaving as few things consistent with your different identities as possible. This helps keeps your identities unique and harder to link to each other

Now first thing is first create the names and back stories of two new identities. Your 3rd identity will be the “real” you with legitimate forms of identification and the identity that won’t need to be maintained. You don’t really need to reinvent the wheel here. Try using a different spelling of your real first name and use your mother’s maiden name for one identity. The other can be the first name people may have thought you looked like. For example if someone said you looked like a Robert or Stephanie then use that as your first name and then come up with a last name that somewhat common but completely generic (Jones, Smith, Rodriguez, Martinez, Johnson, Williams just to name the top ones). Try using book character’s last names. Especially a random book that no one is likely to know the characters names.

With the back stories keep it similar to the truth. Since I have recently moved to a different state I can assume a back story where I am a native of the state. I can also use my hobbies and extra curricular activities as former or current occupations to build my back story. I could stretch my joys of reading and writing to say I’m a student, author, or journalist; or use my hobby in carpentry to say I’m an architect or contractor. Whatever your back story is the next sets of tips and ideas will build up your back story.

Now its time to get identification if you want to use it. This is where your pre-established back stories will start coming into play. If you want one identity to be a bleeding heart liberal who volunteers his/her time helping others, then some hospitals and some large volunteer organizations give photo identification cards to all people who work there with no proof of “real” identification, just submitting the information you need to get the identification. So getting an identification, further back story may be as simple as spending one hour a week at a hospital. If you have a background story as some adventurous outgoing person, you may want to try going to a security agency or chain store or a nearby junior college to get identification. This again could be a minimal amount of time and effort to gain identification.

Try keeping a separate wallets/purses, this way you can keep things organized and add more into your background by having  identity specific contents in each one.

My next tip is to add those identity specific contents to each wallet or purse. Get business cards, shopping/discount cards, and anything else that may fit towards your identity. Like for the bleeding heart volunteer have business cards from other volunteer organizations and get discount cards for places like Cost Co and CVS pharmacy; And for your outgoing person get business cards from companies that special in recreational activities such as paintball or parachuting, and get discount cards for places like Game Stop and Hot Topic. For your true identity wallet try to keep the contents in there different then the ones you use in the other wallets just to make it difficult for someone to put 2 and 2 together.

Then comes feeding your identities further into systems and databases. Make email accounts for your alternate identities and get mailing addresses for your alternate identities too. You’ll use the email accounts to sign up for social networking sites as your alternate identities, you will also be establishing a concrete background story. You can also use the emails and addresses to sign up for newsletters and mail in catalogs/discounts/information identity specific.

One tip when getting addresses to have stuff mailed to. Use a friend’s address so they can gather your mail and throw it away, or invest in a post office box to save the chance of letting someone know too much.

Next comes the part that will cost money. The look. You want to change your look as much as you can without resulting in extreme measures. Fortunately not everything looks the same on everyone. For example certain glasses/sunglasses styles make people’s faces appear differently. Different pairs of pants or shorts change that way a person’s lower body looks. Different shoes change the way people walk and stand. Different shirts change the way your upper body looks. So changing your look doesn’t necessarily mean plastic surgery. Again get the wardrobes so they are identity specific.

You can also get different phones for your identities if your a real money bags, or you can get allies to take messages for you and let you borrow their phone.

After you’ve get the main details down you can start with little details on your identity. Things like what type of underwear you wear, the flavor and brand of gum you chew, the scents of cologne/perfume and deodorant you use, the soaps and shampoos you use, how often you shave or what hair you let grow out, what you carry in your pockets, how often or little you do little habits like chewing a toothpick or gum or checking your phone. Try to notice any small details that can be signature and change them according to your identities.

Making tastes in food and other consumables identity specific will do wonders too. So try expanding your tastes when using an alternate identity.

Now that your got a majority of the area’s covered its time to organize it. Start with what you’ll wear. Keep all the clothing toiletries, identification, and accessories you use for each identity clearly separate. If you need to go crazy with a label maker or a roll of tape and a sharpie to help start then do it, but don’t rely on it if your one who has house guests you don’t want to know about your alternate identities.

Now its time to practice and test these identities. Start out small and slow. Make trips to the grocery store as your identity. Then start building up by using your social networking profiles to meet people under your identity or go clubbing as your identity. The more you get comfortable with using a different name and wearing different clothes and smelling different, the easier it will be to convince someone you are someone different.

Practice your background story. Make up mock conversations that would include revealing your identity’s background. If you want extra practice, find a place where there may be actors who need practice acting and pretend to be an actor trying a role where you are practicing your background story.

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  1. Interesting. I’ve been competing with my aunt Susannah Patton in DC and a reretpor for the Arkansas Gazette. It’s a rare name, but they’re out there. I’m hoping to one day meet my doppleganger in Arkansas.

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