Estonian president ‘Social Media worse than the Stasi’

big brotheror words to that effect…

Okay, he may not have said that Social Media is worse than the Stasi, but he did make some very valid remarks.

Firstly, he points out that no government collects as much data about you as social networks.

Secondly, he makes it clear that there is no such thing as a free lunch, or in this case a free mobile app – with the exception of a few apps written by a 14 year old in his bedroom, you pay for all apps – whether it is with cash, your data, or both varies.

Quote, and link to full article below.

Fears about states’ Big Brother-style invasions of peoples’ privacy are outdated, and citizens should instead be worrying about how social networks and supermarkets are using their private data, says the president of Estonia.


Toomas Hendrik Ilves explained today at the annual International Conference on Cyber Conflict that Estonian law means citizens are the owners of their personal data. By law, citizens are provided with transparency tools showing how their personal information is being used by the Estonian government.


While there have been internal breaches of data held by the state – such as a policewoman accessing information on her boyfriend – there have been no external breaches, according to IIves.


The Estonian president said he was always asked about fears over Big Brother when it came to state-sanctioned data collection, but dismissed these concerns as being based on an outdated question. Most users are sharing far more personal data, quite willingly, with commercial entities.


“No government follows you as much as a social network,” Ilves said. “No government collects as much information about your preferences as a supermarket.”


“Data on smartphones shows how peoples’ weight loss plans or even how many push ups they make every day,” he added.

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