NSA: All your Verizon data are belong to us…

Evil-verizonThe Guardian newspaper has released the ‘top secret’ full court ruling showing that the US National Security Agency is now collecting the telephone records of tens of millions of Americans.

Lets face it, we have suspected this sort of thing has been going on for a while, but the true extent of the data being collected is astounding.  Telephone numbers, calling card numbers, International Mobile Subscriber Identity numbers (IMSI), International Mobile station Equipment Identity number (IMEI) as well as the time and duration of calls/contact.

The gagging order included in the court order requires that ‘no person shall disclose to any other person that the FBI or NSA has sought or obtained tangible things under this Order’ – thankfully it would seem that the Guardian is not covered by this.

Apparently the NSA, White House, Department of Justice, and Verizon have all declined to comment – though I feel it is safe to assume they have commented privately along the lines of ‘oh shit’.

This, to my knowledge is the widest ranging surveillance order to ever have been issued, at least in the USA. It also brings in to question whether Verizon is the only company hit with one of these orders.

Full court order below:



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