‘Only criminals and paedophiles need privacy’

According to a Downing Street summit anyway.

Many tech-savvy paedophiles have turned to so-called “dark nets”, such as Tor, I2P, Freenet and many others.


These networks are specifically designed to conceal the identity and location of their users, said Christian Berg, co-founder of NetClean, a company which sells products used by police forces and anti-abuse agencies to classify images of child sexual abuse.

This is all just intellectual slight of hand, should we ban cars? – after all, they could be used by criminals!

But the potential for a technology to be abused is no guide to whether it should be suppressed, said Phil Zimmerman, who invented an easy way to encrypt messages to stop them being spied on.

That technology, known as Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), was very controversial when it first appeared, he said. It was likely that it was put to criminal ends, but the usefulness of the encryption technology it drew on far outweighed that abuse.

“Just think about what we would have to do if we did not have strong encryption,” he said. “We would not have any e-commerce or e-banking. The economy would go back to being entirely bricks and mortar.”

In addition, he said, the lack of encryption and other similar technologies would radically erode privacy.

The full BBC article is well worth a read


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