Our freedom is being destroyed by government[1] and corporate policies that use surveillance technology to monitor and control our lives.

We have become part of a Vast Machine: objects that are tracked and manipulated by those in power. Our food, living supplies and, sometimes, our opinions are manufactured by multinational corporations that do not respect our fragile biosphere. The Politics of Fear are used to justify a relentless attack on human rights.

Wespeakforfreedom.com is a public forum and resource center for those who support political freedom and defend personal privacy. We value individual initiative over corporate control.

This website is a joint project of the author John Twelve Hawks and Glyn Harris. It is not tied to any organization or defined by an ideological label. It is the first stage of a movement that is non-violent, progressive and inclusive.

We believe that:

  • Freedom is a right of all and is not a privilege to be granted to us. It can only be sustained by freedom of speech and tolerance for opposing views.
  • There should be no violation of privacy without just cause and informed consent.[4]
  • A vital civilization values its children. It supports education over imprisonment and the health of the environment over short-term economic gain.[6]

Join us. Defend your freedom. It’s time you took a stand.

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