Environmental Issues

If our website is mainly focused defending personal privacy and individual freedom, then why are we mentioning environmental issues?

That’s easy to answer. It’s because pollution and environmental degradation will lead to the collapse of our modern civilization. This might not happen overnight, but the process has already begun.

These days, we read in the newspapers that millions of people die every year from poverty and hunger. But a variety of independent researchers – such as Frances Moore Lappe – have shown that political decisions are the major problem.

In the past, the economic policies of authoritarian governments have caused poverty and massive starvation.

But these days, international conglomerates are beginning to control arable land, mining rights and clean water. They use their power to influence politicians and the political process.

Resource experts believe that the so-called “resource wars” will challenge national security around the globe. Islamic extremism might be a danger to the West, but the real threat to social stability comes from poor people who discover that their farmland has been poisoned and their rivers have been fouled with chemicals.

We live on a crowded rock spinning through space. Although science fiction novels might suggest that we’re going to be living on Mars, our future and the future of our children is completely tied to this world. We live in a planet of finite resources, but corporations that demand even more profit manipulate consumers to want “things” that are unnecessary and useless. There is an alternative, of course, but many people are too fearful to step outside the box of options they are given to buy. This is the most insidious form of control, and it’s happening now.

We Speak for Freedom is not insisting on a tofu and sprouts lifestyle (unless that’s your favorite meal). The last time John and I met in London, we sat in the back garden of a pub and drank some pints together – enjoying the simple pleasures of life on this planet.

The goals of defending the environment and working together to create a more sustainable way of life are not detached from the effort to defend our freedom. Being aware of how politicians manipulate fear also allows us to see how corporations create and manipulate empty desires. Recognizing the value of nature and our role in it is an important part of seeing such manipulation for what it is: something that is unnatural, foolish and wrong.

We need a safe, clean planet if we truly want to stay free.

For more information on this, please visit transitionMovement.com

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