How we need to remake the internet?

“We cannot have a society in which, if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is if it’s financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them”

In the early days of digital culture, Jaron Lanier helped craft a vision for the internet as public commons where humanity could share its knowledge — but even then, this vision was haunted by the dark side of how it could turn out: with personal devices that control our lives, monitor our data and feed us stimuli. (Sound familiar?) In this visionary talk, Lanier reflects on a “globally tragic, astoundingly ridiculous mistake” companies like Google and Facebook made at the foundation of digital culture — and how we can undo it.

Knowing Your Rights

Knowing your rights as a citizen can greatly help in any situation. is probably the best resource to learn about your rights in confrontation with the police. If you go on youtube you can literally watch 100s of videos of knowing citizens putting officers in check during confrontations. There are also introductory books in the knowledge of rights. Continue reading Knowing Your Rights

Ask John Twelve Hawks!

A few new members have joined the site recently, and I have noticed that many of them are disappointed to have missed the live chats we have ran in the past with John Twelve Hawks.

While not enough new members have joined to warrant us running another live chat (though this will probably happen again in the future) we thought we would run a John Twelve Hawks Q&A from here.
So, if you have a question for John, please follow the steps below:
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False identities/different persona’s/alternate aliases

I am going to give some tips and ideas for a 3 identity life. Some of these ideas and tips are already out there but I’m putting all my thoughts and knowledge gathered into one spot.

First I am saying 3 identities because it’s easy to manage all aspects of it without getting yourself lost or confused.

Here are some primary tips to remember:

  1. Never use someone else’s real identity. That causes too many problems and can draw unwanted attention towards you
  2. No matter how many pieces of fake identification you have keep one piece of legitimate and true form of identification that government officials will accept. I’d highly recommend your drivers license or passport if you have one
  3. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Your less likely to get caught using a fake identity if you don’t stand out while your using the fake identity
  4. Keep everything simple and organized. This is essentially 3 different versions of you, not 3 totally different people who are completely unlike each other
  5. The larger population you live within, the less likely someone can connect the dots that all identities are you.
  6. It’s hard to create a new you where your known by a lot of people in an area. Try relocating before you start making identities.
  7. Try leaving as few things consistent with your different identities as possible. This helps keeps your identities unique and harder to link to each other

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How I feel on privacy and computers

We all know how conveinent that Android Ipod touch or Iphone you have is. It can help you get into your car if you lock the keys in. Pay for bills and do banking on the go. Activate your home secuirty. Hell, it does so much you could easily forget that it’s a cell phone.

However, the conveince comes at a cost, the device’s GPS data is saved in your phone company’s database and stored up to a year. Now this being wespeakforfreedom, and me being one against the injustices of the vast machine, I strongly disagree with it.

Many of you already know that all your emails, internet acess, text messages, phone calls, and other forms of communication are tracked, monitored and recorded. I disaprove, why does anyone need to know who you call text send pictures to? Why does anyone care what websites I’m on? They say it’s for “security purposes” but is it really?

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Aung San Suu Kyi on the BBC

Some of you may already know that the BBC managed to record this brave lady for this year’s Reith Lectures, despite the BBC being banned in Myanmar (Burma). Here is a link to the relevant BBC Radio 4 page. I’ll be following the lectures and will report back for those of you unfortunate enough to miss them.…

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Has your Account/Password been leaked by LulzSec?

Following hot on the heals of their recent attacks on various websites, including the CIA site, LulzSec have just released the details of 62,000 random people from the internet.
The giant dump of data includes login information for a number of different (and sensitive) sites – Gmail, Facebook, PayPal and even World of Warcraft accounts – probably places you don’t want others snooping.
Thankfully Gizmodo have released a quick tool to check if you’re affected, just enter your email to their checker and you’ll know if you’re in the clear!

Citigroup Hacked

Hot on the heels of all the recent hacking attacks against Sony comes the news that banking company Citigroup has had the names, email addresses, and account numbers of 200,000 customers stolen. Whilst Citigroup have stated that other sensitive customer information has not been lost (such as pin numbers, date of birth etc.) this is still a worrying situation.
Citigroup released the following statement:
“During routine monitoring, we recently discovered unauthorized access to Citi’s Account Online. A limited number – roughly one percent – of Citi bankcard customers’ account information (such as name, account number and contact information including email address) was viewed. The customer’s social security number, date of birth, card expiration date and card security code (CVV) were not compromised. We are contacting customers whose information was impacted. Citi has implemented enhanced procedures to prevent a recurrence of this type of event. For the security of these customers, we are not disclosing further details.”

Set your computing free – Installing Linux

01-welcomeWe covered some of the reasons for switching to Linux from Windows or OSX in our last article in the ‘Set your computing free’ series, in this article we will cover the basics of getting Linux up and running on your computer. Firstly, a word of causion; following this article will alter the filesystems on your harddrive, and could potentially damage any operating systems which you currently have installed on your computer. Personally, I run only Linux on my computer, but it is possible to install it alongside Windows or OSX. Just back stuff up – just in case. Okay, disclaimer over – on with the show.


This article covers the basics of getting Linux installed on your computer, either as the primary operating system or ‘dual boot’ with either Windows or Mac OSX. Linux comes in a variety of ‘flavours’ known as distributions (or ‘distros’) – most of these are available for free, but some are available for purchace with a variety of additions or support. For this particular installation guide we will be working with the Ubuntu distribution of Linux – I have selected this version for the guide as it is freely available, community driven, and has good, free, online support available. Before we get started, you will need to have the following available:

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